3 Reasons Why You Need A Website If You Are Self-employed


It shows that you mean business when you have a website that can be reached 24 hrs – 365 days.

  • Not only does this help you look more professional, it also brings credibility to your name and helps to establish your brand identity on the internet, by professionally displaying all the relevant information, for the current products or services, that you provide or plan to offer in the future.


You want more customers to find your products or services more quickly and easily.

  • A website is your digital calling card that can always be available, to old and new potential customers, even when you’re not.

    Having your own website can turn your site visitors, into paying customers or even long term supporters, for the products and services that you provide or plan to offer in the future.

    While Social media is a great tool for online engagement, and discovering interests, search engines like Google and Bing, are what people use when they are looking for a specific product or service, in a specific location or niche.

    In order to show up in the top of search engine results, you need a Search Engine optimized website, that is professionally designed and looks great on all devices – see My website 365 Package.


Your own website is a direct link to the products or services you offer, for the kind of customers you want.

  • Having your own website is like having your very own customisable advertisement page or digital flyer, that is always available on the internet in an instant.

    As a self-employed person, it’s always challenging to generate new clients and make more money for your business.

    A website can effectively help you to generate new leads or target specific customers more directly, because you can quickly share direct links to your products or service, to anyone that uses a mobile device or computer.

Free website services are available all over the internet, from companies like Wix, Weebly, WordPress, etc.

You can literally get online in minutes, by using their free content management systems and easy to use drag and drop website builders.

These companies will normally have set rules and guidelines, about what is allowed on their platforms and what you are allowed to use their services for.

But if you’re not very tech savvy, or understand how to use their web design tools effectively, you may struggle to get a decent looking website up a running properly.

If you are not interested in spending time dabbling with a DIY website but prefer to out-source a professional web design service, then check out My website 365 – a complete website package ideal for sole traders.

Get online with My Website 365 package.

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